Welcome to my blog! This is the premier place to come if you want to find updates on my ongoing projects, peeks into my process and my day to day life, and thoughts on the things I read and watch as well. I currently do have a twitter @westofcanon, however my editor tells me that twitter may not be long for this world, so if you’re looking there for updates you are receiving information secondhand.


I would love for this blog to be a more interactive experience, feel free to comment with reading recommendations, suggestions and questions!


Infernas is a verse novel in conversation with The Divine Comedy; it’s about missing your body, finding your body, losing it again, and so on until the inevitable reincarnation. It’s free to read on my website, but you can have a very nice copy if you want one to cameo in your next shelfie. Go here to read, and here to get a book for real.


If you’re wondering why I want to give a book away instead of sell it—I feel like I’ve seen the publishing industry change for the worse, declining insidiously even in the last ten years. I’ve no interest in chasing algorithms or waiting for my star to rise in a deliberately murky industry. I’d prefer for people to read my work now.

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