Questions And Answers

About Me

A pirate ship. And also a press. Or, what I like to call a ‘pressductions’ because we’re artists first and do a ton of things across form. Strict form doesn’t always matter, but quality Art sure does!

A bunch of reasons, but literature and writing don’t really belong to anyone. We see a lot of internet spaces recreating dangerous hierarchies about what’s good and what isn’t, what’s literature and what isn’t, etc.,. Let’s not do that here. Instead, let’s run towards what we love– reclaim, reinvent, or just say fuck ‘em all and write something totally bizarre and new.  

I’ll never tell. I love puns and… I love to see myself in a bit of everything. I’m very Romantic about names. The world is wide and we take ourselves everywhere we go, don’t we?

I wish you’d buy me dinner first, but here’s where to find biographical details. And here’s my work elsewhere online!

Read The Map

Where you can find more of our theater, music, and multimedia projects tend to go. Think more moving image over the written word. Although, we’re currently putting a play up there right now to read for free. 

The Open Seas is where regular writing, blog posts from the esteemed Crow’s Nest, author publications, and new projects go up. Some for a limited time before they get shuttered down to the watery depths of the waves and you can only find them in…The Vault!

Where the buried treasure is, of course! Get our books, plays, verse-novels, poetry collections, and other really cute merch for fans of everything literary and sea-themed.  

On The Horizon

We do, we’re hoping to open chapbook submissions for some time in late 2024!

We sure do! We don’t have submissions open for them right now, but we do have some pretty exciting ones on the roster for the future that are currently in the works. We also reach out to people rather frequently asking if they have work they would like to entrust our publishers with— and of course, depending on how much time we have to edit for the quarter. 

We are currently opening for The HLK Quarterly! We are looking for active blog contributors and hosting podcast open calls! We also hope to do chapbook submissions for sometime in 2024. Beyond that, we adore classic lit. We love the gothic sea. We love poetry and experimental work where old verse/styles made new again is a favorite. Also, theatre writing/plays and podcasts of course– we love ‘em! We also love collabs and doing interviews. [Ask about this one at any time. Please.]

 We are currently looking for lit mag submissions, blog contributors, and podcast voice actors, if interested!

Not just Pushcart! We’re looking for all the awards a small indie press can submit to on the behalf of their talented contributors!

No, but we do tend to keep that theme for The HLK Quarterly and The Crow’s Nest. Then again, maybe said theme does just tend to show up in our works quite often—call it our white whale, if you will. 

Buried Treasure

Our store is called the Vault- take a look here!

No worries, email us at We’re pretty good at helping with these things.

West Of Canon is staffed by people with disabilities and severe health issues- if you haven’t heard from us in three weeks or more, please do call us again to make sure we haven’t succumbed to the agonies!

Additionally, sometimes things happen and orders will not be shipped out perfectly on time. Do not email less than two weeks past a late date, and please, contact your local postal service first. If a book is lost in the mail, there’s not much we can do but we urge you to reach out to your local post for a refund if possible.

Please note we sometimes need to take a break or hiatus for various health and life reasons. Notice will be given in advance when possible. We’re all rowing our own little boats and sometimes we need to take a breather.