First press run of Infernas. Paperback


A trans-centred queer narrative about The Divine Comedy, written in lyrical terza rima.

There’s a modern hell for a young Dante Alighieri; adrift, grifting, and ready to see the world soon after graduation. Which means a lot of old problems suddenly resurface for old friends: artist Virgil ‘Eco’ Olivares, his reluctant tour guide, and Beatrice Portinari, a museum curator with a dark secret. Each faces their own complications as the Future and Past unravel before their very eyes. A post-college road-trip, meant to be about reconnecting ancient lives to recover what was lost, suddenly turns to peril. With danger at every corner and turbulent emotions running high, rest and relaxation are quickly thrown out the window.

In this satirical verse-novel, the trip of a lifetime leads to daunting revelations about intersectionality and the crumbling ethos of ‘literary canons’: all they destroy in order to uphold– and everything they make sure never sees the light of day. While constantly in transit through the warped nine circles, important personal questions revolving around both Dante and Virgil’s present lives still persist– a truth that neither is ready to confront:

What does it  mean to love someone too late? What does it mean to be you when you don’t live in your own body anymore?

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