The Tent




A two-act play about the Trojan war of yesterday, today:

I. Achilles + Patroclus = <3

II. Aphrodite + Helen + [Everyone Else] = <3

III. Anubis + Hauhet = <3

Wait. Let’s try that again: it’s a two-act play about the Trojan war of today, yesterday:

I. Achilles + Patroclus/Odysseus – Briseis = ???

II. Helen(Achilles) + Aphrodite(Patroclus)   + Briseis = ???

III. HauhetAnubis^3 x The Trojan War = ???

Alright, once more: It’s a war about a two-act play, the Trojans of today, totally fucked:

I. WAR [Achilles – Patroclus] WAR = </3

II. Helen/WAR + AphorditexWar = </3

III. refugees of [Anubis+Hauhet] war [are rarely heard from]  = </3

IV. Briseis = </3

Plato’s Symposium posits the three ‘genderings’ of Love– the perfect match of masculinity, femininity, and… nonbinary identity. Yet, Hearts are rarely so neat and war is not a story to be sanitized or forgiven amidst its utter chaos.


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